ESDi’s internationalization is one of the most significant traits of its education project. International students of different design areas, stays abroad, student exchange, professional internships abroad, the study of languages during the degree, activities with incoming students and much more: everything makes studying at ESDi a unique international experience.


The presence of international students with profiles in Fashion, Graphic, Product, Interiors, Design Management (Multidisciplinary Integration), Audiovisual and Smart Design enriches the experience and education provided at ESDi, creating an International Creative Community.

ESDi’s international presence consolidates our academic prestige around the world. ESDi has over 50 agreements with different centers of Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and the international cooperation between ESDi and other international centers, both in exchange programmes for students and faculty as in research, confirms the global circulation of knowledge and the academic excellence of ESDi. ESDi’s international projection is reflected in our Degree programmes, our postgraduate degrees and our masters. In order to satisfy the internationality demand, ESDi has a Degree in English.