ESDi: Exhibition “Imagine the possible”

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ESDi: Exhibition “Imagine the possible”

“Imagine the possible”, an exhibition to think about other ways of doing things. The presentation will be from December 21, 2022 to January 29, 2023 at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, ​​in which 24 students from 9 art and design schools in Barcelona and the province will participate. The ESDi Higher School of Design participates with Ximena Melgar, Renad Morsi and Zsofia David, second-year Bachelors in Smart Design students. The three students present their project “Inceptive Future” carried out in the Digital Creation subject and with the contribution of the Director of the Bachelor, Agustina Palazzo.

Laura Malinverni and Cristina Valero are the curators of this exhibition and it arises from the desire to make visible the potential of art and design as ways of approaching the complexities of new emerging paradigms and altering our habits of thought.

“Inceptive Future” is the project that the ESDi students will exhibit in the exhibition “Imagining the possible” where they imagine what would happen to the world without flora, a world without forests or parks, where there are only gray and digital architectures. They propose a future where nature is in decline and people are surrounded by an artificial environment, in this context, humanity is unaware of its origins and constantly feels depressed.

In this project, the students work on the adaptation of future modern spaces in order to reconnect the human being with the flora. They do it from “Healing touch”, an installation in which people can interact with the flora as a companion. Every time a person touches the plants, the installation reacts by creating a connection in terms of light and sound. This causes a feeling of joy, relief and relaxation that ends up healing. The installation creates a mutual connection between the human being and the flora. For humans, being in contact with flora promotes both physical and mental well-being. Whereas for plants, they flourish when they experience love and attention from humans.

The exhibition is linked to the organization of the conference “Imagining possible worlds: Potentials, limits and frictions of speculative fiction in research and education” that will take place on January 19 and 20, 2023 at Disseny Hub Barcelona.

This project arises within the framework of ISEA2022 as an initiative of the CosiCosa association with the support of the Ajuntament de Barcelona and the collaboration of: Disseny Hub, BAU, EINA, Elisava, Escola Massana, ESDAPC, ESDi, Fab Lab Barcelona, ​​IAAC, IED Barcelona , UB and UOC.

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