ESDi at Helvètica of RTVE on Footwear Design

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ESDi at Helvètica of RTVE on Footwear Design

Agustina Palazzo, Ivan Merino, Paula Simón, Sònia Guillen and Claudia Roselló, professors and alumni of the Postgraduate in Adanced Footwear Design, attended the RTVE Catalunya’s Helvètica programme that focused on Footwear Design.

Agustina and Ivan, on the one hand, spoke with the host Flora Saura about current and future trends in the footwear design sector. Both of them highlighted not only the use of sustainable materials and designs that allow all the pieces of a shoe to be separated in order to recycle them, but also the possibilities of new technologies applied to footwear.

On the other hand, Paula, Sònia and Claudia presented the prototypes of their postgraduate final projects, which you can also see in our Instagram :).

Claudia’s design has a classic Oxford-style shoe last, but is innovative in that it integrates a circuit that allows energy to circulate throughout the shoe’s surface. Paula, however, designed a shoe made for a dystopian future, with a 3D printed sole and a series of anchors that can be detached and incorporate the gadgets that we need to “survive”. Sònia, on the other hand, made a completely biodegradable shoe, made from vegetable leather she made out of the skin of grapes.

We leave you with the chapter of #HelvèticaCalçat, where our Fashion alumni Mireia Playà is featured with her vegan footwear brand.