ESDi at Foodture Barcelona 2021


ESDi at Foodture Barcelona 2021

ESDi will be present at Foodture Barcelona, the Innovation Summit on Food Design, Food Tech, Social Food and Sustainability. Organised by Barcelona Centre de Disseny and Plat Institute, the event will be held on 26 and 27 November at the Design Hub Barcelona and can also be followed online.
Among the programme, we find the Eco-design teacher, Nicole Vindel, who will moderate the talks on Friday 26th, as well as the teachers and coordinators of the Postgraduate Degree in Advanced Footwear Design: Marcelo de Medeiros and Ivan Merino. Marce will participate in the round table “Food design for the planet” on November 26th at 3:40 p.m., while Ivan will give the workshop “Post War Food” on Saturday 27th at 12:10 a.m.
In addition to the participation of our 3 expert professors in food design, we can also enjoy 3 projects of ESDi students:
cartons life, ecodiseño, ecodesign, foodture barcelona
Cartons life, by Raúl Fidalgo, Sara Pérez, Noelia López and Miquel Martínez.

A project with both ecological and social impact. Cartons Life proposes a circular system in which people who are living on the streets are involved in the collection of the necessary raw materials (cardboard food packaging) and people with special abilities are involved in the design, thus helping them to find employment in society.

paula simón, diseño de calzado, foodture barcelona, disseny de calçat
Solea, by Paula Simón.

Footwear concept that is proposed as a solution for the dystopian future. The footwear is a modular system based on a platform that incorporates versatile anchorages to be able to fulfil different functions, among them food gathering or survival.

joina trobalón, diseño de producto, foodture barcelona
Sicla, by Joina Trobalón.

Sicla is a home recycling system that makes it possible to convert plastic waste generated by the user into useful products in an hour.

Transform the food packaging we consume into tableware, accessories or decoration from our own house.

Plat Institute, Foodture organizers, will come to ESDi next Friday, December 3rd at 2 p.m. to give the conference “Augmented gastronomy“. Sign up at this link and don’t miss it!