ESDi and Acer announce a collaboration agreement through their ConceptD brand

ESDi and Acer announce a collaboration agreement through their ConceptD brand

The collaboration establishes a framework collaboration agreement aimed at ESDi students, with the help of teachers, to develop their projects using ACER’s ConceptD devices.

Acer, with its brand for creators ConceptD, announces its collaboration with the Escuela Superior de Diseño (ESDi) through FUNDIT, with the aim of facilitating and promoting the latest technologies for the development of Creative projects in the academic field.

Committed to offering the best possible hardware to its students for their creations, the ESDi Higher School of Design collaborates with Acer to provide students with high-performance ConceptD devices to unleash their creativity: they can take advantage of the latest advances and innovations in hardware and software to be able to create, edit and render the most demanding projects of the 2020-2021 school year, proving that even creating the impossible is possible thanks to ConceptD.

Two projects start this collaboration allowing both parties to make the most of their respective potentials. Through the first, students will use ConceptD products, benefiting from a greater speed of the design and rendering process to create a proposal for a sustainable urban mobile for Seat, which modularly fulfills versatile transport functions in the city.

On the other hand, students of the ESDI Degree in Design will also have the opportunity to carry out an experimental footwear development project, from ideation to prototype through digital manufacturing. The proposal is based on the design of a shoe for the year 2030, taking into account the social, environmental and design trends for its realization. In this sense, ConceptD will help each other to achieve an approach to the footwear of the future that is as realistic as possible in terms of design and materialization: thanks to ConceptD technologies, they will be able to optimize the sketching process, 3D design, rendering and digital manufacturing.

“We are grateful that technology companies such as ACER develop devices aimed at designers, promoting creativity and implementing innovation possibilities, thus speeding up the development of transformation projects and promoting Smart Design and sustainability”, says Georgina Bombardó, Deputy Director of the Textile Design Foundation (FUNDIT) that manages the ESDI Higher School of Design.

ConceptD’s goal is to empower the talent of those with the drive and desire to create. “We are very proud to collaborate with ESDi by offering and facilitating the best tools to its students and teachers to give them the opportunity to show what they are capable of when they have superior hardware,” says Jaume Pausas, Marketing Manager at Acer Spain.

ConceptD 7 Ezel Pro takes advantage of the Ezel ™ hinge to create, view and correct your creations in real time, which is perfect for all types of work scenarios: collaborating with a team, drawing with the included Wacom® EMR pen, or present work to clients. With its UHD 4K, 100% RGB, Delta E <2 and PANTONE® Validated certified display, designers will be able to view and correct their creations in real time.