“Smart sustainable cities”, 1st ININVallès online business day

“Smart sustainable cities”, 1st ININVallès online business day

ESDi has been responsible for this first event, which has co-organized with the City of Sabadell.

Iolanda Repullo, head of Business Revitalization of Vapor Llonch, Economic Promotion of the City of Sabadell, was responsible for presenting the session, which was moderated by Eva Garrell, International Relations Director of ESDi, who was also responsible for introducing the operation Tecnodisseny.

The online business day included several presentations that were intended to show the work that is currently being done in the territory to enhance synergies and promote the ININVallès territory as a benchmark in this field.

The first presentation was given by Emili Blanque, Spain Country Manager & Innovation Consultant at Visyon, a company that promotes innovation through emerging technologies and creative solutions, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms and artificial intelligence. Then it was the turn of Cristina Garrido, Deputy Commissioner of the Smart City Expo World Congress and Director of Innovation and Strategy at Anteverti, an independent consulting firm that advises cities, governments and companies to innovate in order to become more efficient and sustainable. Thirdly, Miquel Martí, founder and CEO of Onetap, an emerging company developing apps and Wi-Fi networks, which aims to revolutionize the way the public interacts in events, cultural spaces and shows.

The round table was also attended by three members of the Tecnodisseny research team, Marianna de Navidad, head of the Field of Experimentation and Application of Design in the area of Visual Communication; Carles Cabezón, head of the UI/UX Master, and Isona Ten, head of the Field of Experimentation and Application of Design in the area of Product and Interiors. Among the topics discussed were the role of technologies in the framework of smart cities of the future and their role in making society more participatory, educated, safe, efficient, effective and environmentally friendly. Also, the ecological costs, the digital divide and the role of the administrations were some of the main topics of the debate.

The ININVallès Business Days are open online sessions that aim to create a space to share and generate ideas around the operations and the different actions of the project, while making them known to companies, entrepreneurs and citizens of the ININVallès territory.  With the aim of creating and enhancing synergies between companies and, at the same time, to bring citizens closer to this type of actions. Precisely, one of the objectives of the day was the opening of a space for interaction with the registered people, who were able to ask their own questions to the group of professionals.

The next conference will be organized by the City Council of Sant Quirze del Vallès and will take place at the beginning of June.