EATM by ESDi inaugurated its new campus in Barcelona

EATM by ESDi inaugurated its new campus in Barcelona

Last Thursday, October 27, the School of Fashion Arts and Techniques (EATM) by ESDi inaugurated its new campus in Barcelona. Students, teachers and former students of the school celebrated the opening party, with the artist Nicasio Torres, who was illustrating tote bags live, and with the collaboration of Cool Vino and Estrella Damm.

Under the direction of the stylist and former student of EATM, Jaume Vidiella, the School is experiencing a new change of address, located at Calle Diputación 337. This 2022 has been a year of constant changes for EATM and ESDi, since it has been completely renovated the Board of Trustees of the Textile Design Foundation (FUNDIT), appointing Carles Casanovas as President and Georgina Bombardó as General Director.

In its more than 50 years of history, EATM’s classrooms have trained fashion designers who are regulars on the catwalks, such as Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, Josep Abril, Ze García, Menchen Tomas, Miriam Ponsa or Manel Torres, the founder of the company Fabrican that went viral a few weeks ago thanks to the dress made with spray fabric with which Bella Hadid paraded for the firm Coperni.

In the last two years, the school’s training offer and the number of students have grown exponentially, which is why the change of location has been due to a physical need for space and new equipment. Currently, EATM teaches Higher Level Training Cycles in Fashion Styling and Personal and Corporate Image Consultancy, and it is the headquarters in Barcelona of the ESDi Higher School of Design, which is located in the city of Sabadell.

For this reason, EATM also offers master’s and postgraduate degrees from ESDi and Ramon Llull University: the Master’s Degree in Fashion Styling, Image and Communication, the Master’s Degree in Management of the Fashion Industry [Sustainable, Ethical and Responsible] , directed by Jaume Vidiella himself together with the person in charge of RSC of Mango Beatriz Bayo; the Master’s Degree in Digital Art Curation, and the Postgraduate in Creative Strategies in Illustration and Visual Communication directed by the renowned illustrator Pepe Serra.

Under the new direction of Jaume Vidiella, the Higher Level Training Cycles have sold out for this academic year, the Master’s Degree in Management of the Fashion Industry has been renewed to focus on the fields of sustainability and ethical fashion, and VEIN magazine has become the collaborating medium for the Master’s Degree in Fashion Styling, Image and Communication.

El artista Nicasio Torres durante la inauguración de la sede
The artist Nicasio Torres during the inauguration of the campus
Jaume Vidiella, director de EATM by ESDi
Jaume Vidiella, director of EATM by ESDi