‘Disseny a la Fresca’: a live podcast by ESDi x Roca

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‘Disseny a la Fresca’: a live podcast by ESDi x Roca

Disseny a la Fresca” is the meeting that Roca and ESDi have organised within the framework of Barcelona Design Week 2023, as part of its official programme. The event will take place on 25 October 2023 at 12 noon at the Roca Barcelona Gallery and will consist of a live podcast between the most avant-garde designers on the scene.

ESDi alumni and professors Banzai Turba, Bastida for Work, Baloa Studio, Plat Institute, Betiana Pavón and Marce de Medeiros will discuss their vision of the future of design, and how design can positively impact society. Sustainability, new materials, or emerging technologies will be some of the topics they will talk about in “Disseny a la Fresca“, in which the ESDi professor and researcher in digitalization processes Mikki Schindler and the stylist and director of EATM by ESDi Jaume Vidiella will also participate as moderators.

The participants of “Disseny a la Fresca” will discover their projects, among which we find top clients such as El Celler de Can Roca, NASA, Bar Paradiso, Arper, Paloma Wool, Gimaguas, Syra Coffee, Brunch Elektronik, Simuero, Tiberi Bar or Santa&Cole.

Come and have a vermouth with us, Alhambra and Marinas! To attend you only have to sign up in this link.

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Marce de Medeiros works at the intersection of design, art and technology, basing everything he does with the intention of reducing the impact of materials and processes. He believes that innovation is found by looking to nature for answers. Applying biomimetics as the main pillar of his research, he seeks to transform industrial production into a more efficient activity, optimising resources and energy needs. As an educator, he is passionate about transferring these concerns and knowledge to the next generations who will shape our future.

Betiana Pavón has explored disciplines such as architecture, interior design, photography, styling and art direction. Creator of the firm Alaska accessories, her project focuses on the revaluation and adaptation of the traditional craft of millinery to a contemporary environment and users. With it, she has been recognised in international competitions such as Global Talents Digital MBFW Russia, Samsung EGO Innovation Project, Reshape 19 Smart Product Category, Fashion Tech Week NY, Alta Roma Fashion Digital Night… She studied the Fabricademy programme, which explores the intersection between textiles, digital manufacturing and biology, and is currently its Academic Coordinator at the Basque BioDesign Center, where she continues her research, testing and development of new materials linked to bio-manufacturing.

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Plat Institute is a research and innovation lab that through R&D, design and education addresses the Food and Health challenges that humanity faces and will face in the future. One of its goals is to nurture and inspire the thinkers and innovators of tomorrow. With the support of leading specialists in technical and creative fields, they exchange knowledge and inspiration through talks, workshops, conferences and special events at their Sci-Fi Food Lab in Barcelona. Creators of VOM Edible Cloud, a new gastronomic technique that allows flavours and aromas to be encapsulated in edible flying clouds that can rain down on food and drinks. VOM can be experienced at the venues of its ambassadors: El Celler de Can Roca and Paradiso Cocktail Bar. As co-founders and co-creators of the Disruptive Innovation in Food Design, Food Tech and Sustainability event called Foodture Barcelona and its Foodture Platform, Plat Institute is in charge of the curation, design and development of the event together with its partners from the Barcelona centre de Disseny.

Baloa Studio is an interior design studio founded by Marta Ballester and Júlia López. After more than twelve years of experience in the sector, Baloa Studio was founded in 2021 with the aim of demonstrating how an appropriate design of the spaces we inhabit can become a tool that promotes well-being and improves people’s quality of life. Through their knowledge, sensitivity and dedication, they design warm, welcoming spaces where functionality and beauty are balanced. They seek to surprise and excite those who trust in their work. The satisfaction and excitement of living in the areas they have created for them is their driving force.

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Bastida for Work is a design studio focused on design and development services for high-end textile products and workwear, both produced locally and with lower environmental impact materials. They also offer creative consultancy services for companies that want to improve the way they communicate with their customers through brand experience.

Banzai Turba makes objects and things with objects. Banzai Turba is a product design studio founded in Barcelona in 2020 by Gennis Senén and Oriol Ocaña. Their work focuses on curiosity, dialogue with other disciplines, research into materials and processes and the horizontal relationship between clients and collaborators.

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