Public transport

Barcelona is huge, but it has a modern and well-developed public transport to get anywhere in the city quickly. The metro, bus and tram all run at a very tight pace and until late into the night. In addition, there are several cable cars, funiculars, railways, tourist buses, taxis, local trains, night buses and many other means of transport.

Metro & Tram

There are 4 main metro lines (L3: green, L2: purple, L5: blue, L4: yellow, L1: red), 3 extended metro lines and 3 tram lines in Barcelona. Each line is well connected to all areas of Barcelona, allowing citizens to easily travel by metro and tram around the city.


In Barcelona, public transport has both buses and night buses (after 23:30 hours) which stop at many different stations to provide the most convenient route for all citizens.

Renfe, FGC

Public transport in Barcelona is divided into 6 zones, where zone 1 indicates the areas in the city centre, and zone 2 to 6 indicate the areas outside the city centre. Renfe & FGC are therefore public transport services to connect Barcelona city centre to other areas. Within 35 - 60 mins by Renfe or FGC, citizens can easily arrive in Barcelona to travel, study or work.

Let's take a look at the railway map of Barcelona, so that students have an idea of which zone they are living in and what kind of tickets students should buy.


If you are a fan of sports activities or bicycles, Barcelona offers you a bicycle service named Bicing. There are some advantages of choosing Bicing: cheaper than the metro, 400 stations and 6,000 bicycles around the city centre. You must have an ID or NIE to be a user of this service.

Ticket, Fares

Public transport tickets can be used for almost all vehicles: metro, bus, Renfe, FGC. Before buying tickets, we recommend that you check in which zone you are living in to buy the appropriate tickets and get a more detailed price through this link:

Type Image Validation time Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
T casual

10 times
T usual

Monthly (unlimited times)
T joven

90 days. Highly recommended for students
under 25 years old
T grupo

70 times per month

Bicing Member card: 50€/year