Maria Hernando and Alice Albieri are the winners of the AMB Social Contest

proyecto Infantum

Maria Hernando and Alice Albieri are the winners of the AMB Social Contest

On November 12, the winning projects of the Social Ideas Contest to give a new use to the life jackets that accumulate on the island of Lesbos (Greece), organized by AMB (Metropolitan Area of Barcelona), were announced. The students of the Materials & Technology course of the Product and Interior specialties of the Undergraduate Degree in Design presented several projects in pairs to the contest, with the help of their tutors Marcelo de Medeiros and Ivan Merino.

The students Maria Hernando and Alice Albieri, who are currently in the 3rd year of the Design Degree in the Product and Interior specialties, respectively, were proclaimed winners of the contest with the “Infantum” proposal. Together they designed reusable cloth diapers for refugee babies, made with recycled life jackets and an absorbent fabric that is inserted inside the base of the diaper and is changed.

With this project, Alice and Maria have not only sought a new use for the materials linked to the thousands of displaced people fleeing the war in Syria and arriving on the island of Lesbos, where hundreds of life jackets or inflatable boats, among other waste. This was the general objective of the contest, which prioritizes sensitization and awareness regarding the situation that displaced or refugees have lived and are experiencing and the environmental impact generated by the accumulation of this type of material on the island. But with “Infantum” Alice and Maria have also wanted to normalize and dignify the first years of life of refugee babies, realizing the number of newborns who are in this situation, as well as providing an innovative and sustainable solution that gives Refugee mothers the ease of keeping their babies clean in the face of a shortage of disposable diapers.


The other award-winning proposal from ESDI in the AMB Social Ideas Contest was “Portagere”, by exchange students Julieta Garza and Mariana López, who obtained a special mention for the most creative proposal. Julieta and Mariana designed a waterproof baby carrier, whose objectives were to protect babies when they moved from one place to another, strengthen the mother-child bond from the moment they are born, offer an adequate space for the baby to rest in a place without available space, generate a greater feeling of security between baby and mother, and protect the baby from extreme weather conditions

We leave you with the explanatory video of the “Infantum” project, winner of the AMB Social Ideas Contest, by Alice Albieri and Maria Hernando, and their tutors Marcelo de Medeiros and Ivan Merino. Congratulations to everybody!