The search for new production models that prioritize recycling, reuse and savings of resources is one of the main concerns both from the business and the institutional as well as the training. Therefore, ESDi will participate one more year in the Market Place of Circular Economy of Vallès Circular, a pioneering network whose objective is to promote sustainable production in the Vallès Occidental.
To the end of the past year, little after the death of the designer and decorator Josep Maria Magem (1941-2017), the curator and ESDi alumni Guillem Celada began an exhibition that wanted to explain the style and range of the creative mind of Magem in the Museum of Art of Sabadell. “Magem Incandescent”, even if it began as a research project of Celada, then became a presentation that gathered lamp designs and interior decorating, architecture and furniture projects. 

There’s no one better than a designer to explain how design can change the way you see and experiment the world. Because of this, our team of professors and staff will be present at the Saló de l’Ensenyament educational fair (Fira Barcelona) to receive, from...

During the 19º edition of the CODIC Awards for Final Projects, organized by the Col·legi Oficial de Dissenyadors d’Interiors i Decoradors de Catalunya, the ESDi alumni Alba Alaminos was distinguished with the third place due to her project Skyline Flyght School, centered on the development of an international school for pilots in the Sabadell Aeroport.