ESDi students Álvaro Moreno and Gemma Trellisó win the Campari Award of the Design Market

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ESDi students Álvaro Moreno and Gemma Trellisó win the Campari Award of the Design Market

Álvaro Moreno and Gemma Trellisó, ESDi students of the Product and Interior specialties of the Degree in Design, were selected with their brand MT Instrumenta to participate in the last edition of the Design Market organized by FAD. From December 14 to 16, 2018, they exhibited in the Disseny Hub Barcelona their work “Picados”, made with artisan cutlery.
After seeing his proposal, the jury formed by Pep Quilez, Gennís Senén, Xavier Grados, Daniel Ayuso, Ximena Pérez Grobet, Olivia Ricard and Gemma Tossal decided to reward them with the Campari Award in the New Talent category. The jury wanted to highlight “their capacity to give a second life and value to apparently obsolete objects in a creative way”.
After the award ceremony, we were able to interview Álvaro and Gemma in order to learn more about their project:
1. Where does the naming “MT Instrumenta” come from? Our naming is divided into two parts. “MT” is the sum of our last names “Moreno and Trellisó”. On the other hand, the Latin word “Instrumenta” refers to our broad and future range of possibilities around everyday instruments.
2. What has been the role of ESDi and the faculty in the realization of the project? It is a personal project, in which ESDi helped us to reach and spread our work, especially when we exposed it in the Design Market by FAD.
3.  Why did you decide to present your proposal to the Design Market by FAD? As it is an unusual product, we believed that this market would help us to disseminate it and get in touch with part of the current design of Barcelona
4. What has it meant for you to win the Campari award to the new talent of the Design Market 2018? It is a big push and recognition to continue working, apart from the popularity within our own curriculum.
5. What feedback did you receive in the Design Market in addition to the prize? Mainly many contacts, some professional ones, aside from people interested in our collections.
6.What future do you have in mind for “MT Instrumenta”Continue the artisan production of cutlery, including new instrument proposals. One of our objectives is not to get stuck in the production of utensils, but to move along wider paths as art, events, photography and video.


The Design Market also had the participation of our alumni Isona Ten

Besides Álvaro and Gemma, the ESDi community was also present in the Design Market thanks to the participation of Isona Ten. The alumni and director of the Postgraduate in Jewelry Design exhibited her jewelry collections together with the most creative independent designers, artisans and artists of the city.

We also took advantage of the opportunity to ask her some questions about the event and the artisan jewelry sector:

joyeria, artesania, isona ten, design market1. You have already participated in several editions of the Design Market. What does it mean to you that your brand is among the curated selection of the FAD? It has already been three editions that I participate and it is a pleasure to collaborate. The fact of being selected fills me with satisfaction. Seeing that your product is well valued in the world of design is a joy and a stimulus to continue working.

2. Jewelry is one of the areas with more participating exhibitors of this edition. Do you think there is a certain boom of independent jewelry designers in Barcelona? It is true that many jewelry designers have participated in this market, but we are very different in terms of design, style, types of materials… I think we give a global vision of the current jewelry within the parameters of individual creation. Keep in mind that one of the associations of the FAD is the Goldsmiths (within crafts). This aims, among other objectives, to spread the trend of contemporary jewelry through different media, and the market is perhaps one of them.

joyeria, artesania, isona ten, design market

3. Do you think that the conventionalism of the jewelry sector is being left behind in some way? How do you see the jewelry scene? The concept of jewelry has changed in recent decades. Jewelery linked to luxury and ostentation has given rise to a design concept where the use of new materials, textures, volumes... And this brings to the creation of pieces a ludic rather than sumptuous air. The change of concept has favored that the jewelry is not restricted to a certain public, it has been socialized. Design reaches a wider range of people and is part of everyday clothing.

4. As a creative designer of your own brand, what should it be promoted from the design schools in this regard? We live in a time of change and the world of jewelry is no stranger to this fact. The introduction of digital design programs, 3D printing, etc. and the constant innovation in the production and diffusion systems increases the complexity in the field of jewelery, but at the same time facilitates the designer’s task. For those of us who have set up our own brand and work with proximity workshops, our strong point must be the combination of the two aspects, artisanal and digital. They are complementary tools that favor the development of jewelry design and manufacture.


Congratulations for your participation in the Design Market! And many thanks for sharing your projects with the entire ESDi community!