The Create Lab

Behind the design of every piece or product, colour trends play an important part in the designers' creative process, allowing them to get a glimpse of the public's preferences and needs as well as the future. As an institution that seeks to promote research in design, ESDi created a research laboratory focused on defining future colour trends that are applied in different areas of design: ESDiColor_LAB.

Every two years, ESDiColor_LAB has the opportunity to share its chromatic proposals in a global framework through participating in the Intercolor International Congress, a research platform aimed at designing reference colour charts for the textile, fashion and product design industries. ESDiColor_LAB represents Spain at Intercolor, and stands out for being the only academic organisation.

Complementing the perspective of the other companies and associations from European, Asian and American countries that form the working team, ESDiColor_LAB makes a conceptual contribution based on sociology.

Our trend proposals

INBETWEEN SPACE, ESDiColor_LAB's proposal for Intercolor SS23.

Team: Laura Araujo, Irene Argelich, Diego Ayala, Olga Beltrán, Marta Capdevila, Pablo Córdoba, Conrad Garcia, Yuriria Hernández, Natalia Andrea Pérez, Ester Rodríguez, Encarna Ruiz, Julianna Sánchez.

EXAPTATION, ESDiColor_LAB's proposal for Intercolor AW22-23.

Team: Laura Araujo, Irene Argelich, Diego Ayala, Queralt Bataller, Olga Beltrán, Marta Capdevila, Conrad Garcia, Yuriria Hernández, Natalia Andrea Pérez, Raquel Jaroslavsky, Laia Muntal, Encarna Ruiz, Julianna Sánchez.

PROSUMER, ESDiColor_LAB's proposal for Intercolor AW21-22.

Team: Alice Albieri, Laura Araujo, Irene Argelich, Queralt Bataller, Olga Beltrán, Marta Pujals, Conrad Garcia, Pablo Córdoba, Eileen Pagès, Arnau Raga, Encarna Ruiz, Emma Soler.

COHESIVE METROPOLIS, ESDiColor_LAB's proposal for Intercolor SS21.

Team: Alba Aranda, Irene Argelich, Anna Armentano, Genís Cañellas, Silvia Garcia, Alba Molina, Martín Morante, Encarna Ruiz, Paula Vicent.

How do we work?

Our work team is made up of teachers and researches from the Area of Experimentation and Application in Fashion at ESDi. Along with resident students, they work on the basis of a sociological-semantic analysis to identify changes in lifestyles and trends present in the socio-cultural imaginary, which are then translated into the language of colour.

The end result are charts that reflect the colours, textures and materials of future seasons, each one referring to different perspectives around a key concept. These chromatic charts are then presented, discussed and analysed at the Intercolor congresses by the different participating organisations. A single common chart is then put together and sent to the textile trade fairs.

"Having resident students from different disciplines, not just fashion, gives the project a very rich and young vision that the members of Intercolor find very positive, as it moves away, to a certain degree, from the strictly fashion-centred vision of the other countries".

Dr. Encarna Ruiz, director of The Create Lab.

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