As a way to enhance the recruitment of talent from companies and to promote the implementation of students' knowledge, ESDi maintains agreements and collaboration agreements with various companies and entities, not necessarily focused on the field of design, but whose activities are come underpinned by design.

Harley Davidson

Behind every subculture there is not only an aesthetic, a specific and identifying way of dressing and demarcation, but also historical, social and even economic aspects that shape cultural movements. To fully understand these processes, at ESDi we developed a collaboration agreement with the Harley-Davidson firm that nurtures the company in direct contact with European creative talent and facilitates students' understanding of aesthetic and collective identities.

In its first stage, the collaboration promoted the constitution of a multidisciplinary team of students from different itineraries of the Degree in Design who worked on the redesign and customization of the firm's clothing pieces, to be exhibited in a showroom for buyers of accessories from Harley-Davidson.

Sabadell City

Our location in the heart of Sabadell is one of the elements that most defines us. For this reason, collaboration with the city council has become, year after year, one of our historical keys, allowing us to contribute to initiatives relevant to sustainability and local habitability, among other projects.

As of 2017, ESDi contributes to the development of the Sabadell brand, to be used by the City Council's Department of Tourism. Aimed at reinforcing the collective identity of citizens, the brand started from an analysis and research work that identified trends, deficiencies and opinions of the most representative figures of the city and the population in general.


As part of ESDI's Smart philosophy, the school promotes smart and sustainable mobility through a collaboration agreement with the electric bicycle company eMobike.

From the classrooms, synergy includes working with Product Design students to analyze and enhance the experience of using the product, while Multidisciplinary Integration proposes new possibilities of using bicycles, development opportunities, value propositions and business models for the company.


Also part of our commitment to sustainable mobility and the green and circular economy, from ESDi we work together with the Sabadell Co-Innovem Project, from which our 2nd year Graphic, Audiovisual and Management students develop initiatives to present to the annual contest of the City Council of Sabadell.


Mutating towards a more business-friendly city, supporting entrepreneurship and retaining young, creative and technological talent are some of the focuses of the Gen_Y program, which, developed between Sabadell and 11 other European cities, has the participation of ESDi. Thanks to the project of the student Helena Mateo, of the Multidisciplinary Integration mention, a proposal is promoted to generate a circular local economy through creative activities.


The technological functionality and sustainability are not our only concerns as the institution, but we also maintain a strong commitment to organizations that support the social millennium and for the optimization of the quality of life of the people. In this line, from our mention of Multidisciplinary Integration we will design strategies for the creixement of the Lligam Association, which helps gifts that have been to the prisoner and who have experimented instàncies of violence of gender apostant for the seva personal improvement .

Applied research

The business world is not the only platform for the development of design projects or for the exploration and enhancement of students' knowledge, but the field of research is also shown as a fertile field for the creative and intellectual growth of our students.

Creative Lab

Shapes, textures and structures are not the only thing that defines a design. Among them, color always stands out as one of the most defining elements, although, at the same time, one of the most volatile, constantly subject to variations imposed by trends. Starting from a concern for the role of color and the changing nature of its fashions, ESDi created a research laboratory dedicated to the definition of future color trends, which are applied in different areas of design.

On a biannual basis, this entity, ESDiColor_Lab, has the possibility to share its color proposals in a global framework thanks to its participation in the Intercolor international congress, a research platform dedicated to designing the reference color charts for the industry textile, fashion and product design.

Likewise, the laboratory is working on the development of a wearable proposal that, at the intersection between design, dance and technology, helps dancers to interact based on the sense of touch. The Marola skirt brand is also part of the projects developed by ESDiColor_LAB, which carries out an analysis of the company's communication channels and a design proposal for the brand's catalog.


Considering innovation as key to competitiveness and economic growth, the Europe 2020 Strategy made Smart Specialization one of its priorities through the RIS3 project, Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization. From ESDi, aligned with technological democratization and the Smart turn of societies, we promote a series of intelligent design projects that find in RIS3 a platform for potential synergies and dissemination.

Living Lab

In the context of our participation in RIS3 CAT, ESDi developed a work center that studies the design of evaluation protocols for digital products from the user's point of view. In a first stage, the project is underpinned by our collaboration with eMobike, but the initiative will allow us to generate a service that ESDi will offer to different companies.


Together with a group of Design and Business schools, led by the Laurea University of Applied Sciences of Finland, ESDi participates in the SEED, Smart and Exceptional Education on Service Design for Latin American Countries program. Currently, a project is being developed to generate training proposals in Service Design linked to our master's degree in UI / UX.