Projects with companies

As a way to promote talent acquisition from companies and the implementation of students' knowledge, ESDi collaborates with companies and organisations that are commited to design as a driver of social innovation. Alongside them, we have developed a wide range of projects, both in class with the students and in the Areas of Experimentation and Application of Design. Here are some of the most relevant ones.


The IVO robot is a research project of the Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial IRI of the UPC, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. The design and characterisation of this robot for citizen assistance in public or outdoor spaces has been developed by a multidisciplinary team of teachers, students and researches of ESDi.

Hospital Parc Taulí

The collaboration agreement with the Parc Taulí University Hospital in Sabadell has enabled the development of highly interesting projects. These include the redesign of the interior of the hospital's paediatric ward, as well as the design of a 100% recyclable pill dispenser to avoid the single-use plastic cups used to give patients their medication.

Txell Miras

The Area of Experimentation and Application of Product and Interior Design collaborated with the fashion firm Txell Miras and Alexis Ferrer Creative Hair to print 3D accessories for the brand's fashion show at 080 Barcelona Fashion.


Reverse is a social transformation project on the iconography of the disabled community through the design of wheelchairs. Its main goal is to create a Reverse chair with gender perspective, up-to-date with fashion trends and achieving accessible commercial goals that have an impact on the lives of disabled people.

ESDi has been involved with this activist and social project by carrying out several proposals with the students of the Degree in Design. On the one hand, as part of the subject Departmental Intensification of the Product specialisation, students created new wheelchair designs with a collection of accessories that adapt to the wheelchair. On the other hand, the students of the subject Projects III of the Audiovisual specialisation put together a video for the Reverse crowdfunding campaign.

Harley Davidson

The collaboration with the firm Harley-Davidson promoted the constitution of a multidisciplinary team of students from different specialisations of the Degree in Design. They worked together on the redesign and customisation of pieces of the firm's clothing that would be exhibited in a showroom for buyers of Harley-Davidson accessories.


The collaboration agreement with Acer has allowed ESDi students and teachers to access Acer ConceptD devices to carry out several projects developed with Rhino and Grasshopper software.

Spanish Synchronised Swimming Team

A team of resident students of the Degree in Design specialising in Fashion, among them Ona Carbonell, together with other members and teachers of ESDi's AEAD Fashion, designed the swimming costumes for the Spanish Syncrhonised Swimming Team for several World Championships and Olympic Games.

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