The labor insertion of our students and alumni is one of our lead priorities. The numbers agree with us: from 1 to 3 months after graduating ESDi, 61% of our alumni are working as designers. This is achieved with the help of our Job Center, but, also, because of our counselling service. ESDi has had, for many years, a counselling and support service destined to orient our students and alumni in their professional search after finishing their studies.

In order to benefit our students and graduates with entrepreneurial initiatives and projects, we offer the ESDiEmpresa support center for entrepreneurs.

With specific advisory programs, exclusive promotion aimed at collaborating companies, and in turn, acting as a platform to introduce recently graduated designers to the professional world.

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Our center offers companies design services performed by our young entrepreneurs graduated from the center.

The service helps graduates with an entrepreneurial vocation, and companies and organizations to improve their products and communication and image tools. ESDiEmpresa has a coworking space, adapted to the conditions and needs of a new entrepreneur. For more information: esdiempresa@esdi.edu.es.

On the other hand, it is a channel for business projects. If you want to join our portfolio of freelance designers, you can send us your information and your portfolio to esdiempresa@esdi.edu.es

Some of the studios that have been part of ESDi Empresa are: Mitja Dotzena, In · notio Studio, Dimo, Tabula Rasa and Lluis Rodero.