Bachelor – Smart Design (ESDi University Specific Degree)


When we think of a 4.0 world, we normally envision certain possibilities, services and objects in a distant, almost utopic, future. Nonetheless, Smart Design is already working in our present day, from criteria of technological innovation, functionality and sustainability in order to create a digital and mobile day to day.


Technological changes also imply a modification of user’s interests and requirements, both in complex and specific processes as in daily tasks. As a designer, you must conquer not only creative tools, but you must also have the technological training and the transformative spirit needed to get ahead in the 4.0 world.

The Smart Design Bachelor, which can be taken independently or simultaneously to the Design Degree (Double Title), privileges the comprehension of new channels, new means of expression and new functionalities.


Working from current technologies in different design areas, the designer must develop certain adaptability to users, the surrounding and the environment, as well as the changes these experience. Products, goods and services are the essence of Smart Design, together with a vision that continuously aspires to be innovative.


Career path and graduate profile

Virtual world

  • Mobile app design

  • Digital service desing

  • User interface and user experience design (UI/UX design)

  • Companies and projects that develop new means of interaction

  • Companies that manage social networks and digital marketing

  • Projects in the field of visual effects for cinema, advertising, television and videogames

  • Creative Direction in design studios

  • Visual artist for events and themed spaces

Physical world

Smart product, spaces and services design:

  • Home (Smart household appliances)

  • Sports (measure, control and security wearables)

  • Health (wearables designed for measure, control, security and communication with caretakers or health professionals)

  • Smart textile

  • Leisure and entertainment (interactive devices)

  • Mobility (vehicle devices and apps)

  • Public space (smart urban furnishing)

  • Technological innovation consulting

  • Prospective design

Course details

Bachelor in Smart Design

  • Title: Bachelor in Smart Design (ESDi university-specific degree)

  • Credits: 180 ETCS

  • Duration: 3 years

  • Language: Spanish / Catalan / English

Bachelor in Smart Design + Design Degree

  • Title: Bachelor in Smart Design (ESDi university-specific degree) and Official Design Degree

  • Credits: 180 ETCS (40 ECTS from the Bachelor + 140 ECTS from the Design Degree)

  • Duration: 4 years

  • Language: Spanish / Catalan / English


The Smart Design Bachelor, that can be studied independently or in simultaneity to the Design Degree, allows students to acquire the knowledge inherent to the designer’s role, and, at the same time, to strengthen the new abilities that the digital environment demands. In this outlook, e-commerce, digital manufacturing, augmented reality and interactive design are configured as fundamental tools for the present and future designer, able to lead the changing processes of the entrepreneurial and creative world.