Bachelor – Smart Design (ESDi University-Specific Degree)


When we think of a 4.0 world, we normally envision certain possibilities, services and objects in a distant, almost utopic, future. Nonetheless, Smart Design is already working in our present day, from criteria of technological innovation, functionality and sustainability in order to create a digital and mobile day to day.


Technological changes also imply a modification of user’s interests and requirements, both in complex and specific processes as in daily tasks. As a designer, you must conquer not only creative tools, but you must also have the technological training and the transformative spirit needed to get ahead in the 4.0 world.

The Smart Design Bachelor, which can be taken independently or simultaneously to the Design Degree (Double Title), privileges the comprehension of new channels, new means of expression and new functionalities.
Working from current technologies in different design areas, the designer must develop certain adaptability to users, the surrounding and the environment, as well as the changes these experience. Products, goods and services are the essence of Smart Design, together with a vision that continuously aspires to be innovative.


Career path and graduate profile

Virtual world

Mobile app design

Digital service desing

User interface and user experience design (UI/UX design)

Companies and projects that develop new means of interaction

Companies that manage social networks and digital marketing

Projects in the field of visual effects for cinema, advertising, television and videogames

Creative Direction in design studios

Visual artist for events and themed spaces

Physical world

Smart product, spaces and services design:

Home (Smart household appliances)

Sports (measure, control and security wearables)

Health (wearables designed for measure, control, security and communication with caretakers or health professionals)

Smart textile

Leisure and entertainment (interactive devices)

Mobility (vehicle devices and apps)

Public space (smart urban furnishing)

Technological innovation consulting

Prospective design

Course details

Bachelor in Smart Design

Title: Bachelor in Smart Design (ESDi university-specific degree)

Credits: 180 ETCS

Duration: 3 years

Language: Spanish / Catalan / English

Bachelor in Smart Design + Design Degree

Title: Bachelor in Smart Design (ESDi university-specific degree) and Official Design Degree

Credits: 280 ETCS (40 ECTS from the Bachelor + 240 ECTS from the Design Degree)

Duration: 4 years

Language: Spanish / Catalan / English


The Smart Design Bachelor, that can be studied independently or in simultaneity to the Design Degree, allows students to acquire the knowledge inherent to the designer’s role, and, at the same time, to strengthen the new abilities that the digital environment demands. In this outlook, e-commerce, digital manufacturing, augmented reality and interactive design are configured as fundamental tools for the present and future designer, able to lead the changing processes of the entrepreneurial and creative world.

What title does the center grant?
Bachelor in Smart Design, accredited degree awarded by ESDi


In what language are the classes taught?
Classes are taught in 20% in English, 40% in Spanish and 40% in Catalan.
Whenever a student requests it, classes taught in Catalan may be taught in Spanish.


How many students are there per class?
The number of students per class is determined according to the typology of the subject.


Are the classes during the morning or afternoon?


Can you apply for recognition of credits if you have completed university studies or if you have completed a higher education cycle? What would be the process?
Yes, with a maximum of 10% of the total credits. ESDi performs an evaluation of each case based on the record of grades and syllabuses of the previous studies.


Can you do internships in companies?
Students who study the double degree (Degree in Design + Bachelor) can take the subject of Practices of the Degree in the field of Smart Design, although it is not mandatory for the Bachelor.


While studying can you do exchanges abroad?
Yes, ESDi has an International Relations service, which manages exchanges with universities in different programs: Erasmus +, Freemoving and internships abroad.


Is the level of labor insertion of ESDi graduates very high?
The level of labor insertion is very high: 95.5% of our students have work during the following year once they have completed their studies. The school has a work exchange service that aims at the labor insertion and the improvement of the professional career.


When can I come to get information?
The Admissions service can assist you from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
If you want to know the Campus or receive advice, you can arrange a day and time at 93 727 48 19 or by sending an e-mail to admissions@esdi.edu.es


What are the access requirements to study Smart Design at ESDi?
You must have passed the Baccalaureate or an Upper-Level Training Cycle (in any specialty).


Being a student from outside Spain, what are the access requirements?
For students from other countries that are members of the European Union or from states with which Spain has international agreements, be in possession of a degree that allows the country of origin to access the equivalent degree studies.
For students coming from educational systems of countries not members of the European Union or countries with which international agreements have not been subscribed for the recognition of degrees under reciprocity, be in possession of the homologation of the Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent or accredit the homologation request. Candidates who have nationality of a country of the European Union, or residence in Spain.


Is there any possible financing to facilitate the payment?
There is own financing with the school (8 monthly payments).


Are there study grants? What does it consist on?
ESDi has a scolarship program through its Fundation. For more information, you can contact an Admissions advisor.