Bachelor – Digital humanities


Be it industrial revolution, the machine age or the 4.0 society, every paradigm shift concerning technology requires a human element able to interpret and assimilate its implications, take advantage of its progress and predict its future changes. Due to this, in ESDi we seek to continue the erosion of the humanities and hard sciences barrier by incorporating the first university-specific Digital Humanities degree within the Spanish State, a meeting point for science, technology and the different disciplines through which the Humanity understands its own culture and thought.

In the current digital, mobile and Smart age, we consider it necessary to train students in order to become multipurpose and competitive professionals, able not only to navigate fluidly through current society, but also to analyze the world with new eyes, combining scientific and technological knowledge with aspects of the human life as varied as social media, politics, culture and economy.


Our studies unite traditional humanistic disciplines, such as history, philosophy, sociology and anthropology, with elements that are fundamental to the 4.0 development, like Internet, Big Data and social media. As a transversal approach for the student, we aim for our Digital Humanities Bachelor to be a solid base for future specializations in digital culture, like social media strategy, digital journalism, marketing and more.

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Career path and graduate profile

  • Data analysis and Big Data

  • E-Commerce

  • Net marketing and Neuromarketing

  • Social analysis and trendforecasting

  • Requirement detection and definition of Smart products

  • Advertisement and segmentation

  • Prospective and future sceneries

  • Digital entrepreneurship

  • Digitalization and digital transformation

  • Analysis and strategic plans for development

  • Benchmarking and democratic development/participation

Course details

  • Title: Bachelor in Digital Humanities (ESDi university-specific degree)

  • Duration: 3 academic years

  • Credits: 180 ECTS

  • Language: Spanish / Catalan / English

  • Place: Sabadell Campus (Marquès de Comillas 81-83, Sabadell)


The Digital Humanities studies will submerge you in the intersection between three key study areas that, even if they have been kept apart by history, are currently the nucleus of the 4.0 paradigm shift. The main themes, Thought (language), World (society) and Technology (STEM), allow you to study the convergence between visual arts, human behavior, entrepreneurship and culture, digital media, and smart products and services.

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