Bachelor's Degrees

Our Bachelor's programmes, degrees structured within the framework of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), delve deeper into the technological and paradigm shifts in societies.

These changes concern not only the devices, goods and services we use, but also how we understand their role in society, and how we make use of the knowledge they provide.

in Smart Design

Today, as a designer, you must not only master creative techniques, but also have the technological training and transformational spirit necessary to get ahead of the 4.0 world. With the Double Degree in Design + Bachelor in Smart Design you will be able to generate products, goods and services that adapt to the new technological needs of users.

in Digital Humanities

Technology not only requires innovation in doing, but also in the thinking that is generated around it. Along these lines, the Bachelor's Degree in Digital Humanities, Ramon Llull University-specific degree, proposes to explore the implications of 4.0 production in the economy, politics and social life. It is based on disciplines such as sociology, communication, anthropology and philosophy, which allow us to reflect on the convergence of visual arts, artistic culture, human behavior and technical development.