Our Bachelor programs, structured within the framework of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), are a unique educational opportunity in the Spanish state, giving students a fundamental knowledge for the current technology and paradigm shifts of societies. These changes not only affect the devices, products and services we use, but also the way in which we understand their role in society, and how we take advantage of the knowledge they give us.
Currently, as a designer, you must not only conquer creative techniques, but you must also have the technological training and the innovative spirit needed to get a head of the 4.0 world. Our Bachelor in Smart Design, an ESDi University-Specific Degree, can be taken independently or simultaneously to our Design Degree (Double Degree), and it allows you to work in the different design areas through current and innovative technologies, generating products and services that are able to adapt to the needs of 4.0 users.
Technology not only needs innovation to be key in the manufacturing of things, but also in the way we think about it. Along this line, our Digital Humanities Bachelor, a Ramon Llull University title, explores the implications of the 4.0 production in economy, politics and social life, taking as a base disciplines such as sociology, communication, anthropology and philosophy, which allow us to reflect about the convergence of visual arts, artistic culture, human behavior and technical development.