⟶ Copisteria Figuerola
⟶ Servei Estació Barcelona
⟶ Sabadell Swimming Club
⟶ La Porta Verda Yoga School

⟶ Espai Creatiu Sabadell
⟶ Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya
⟶ Museu del Disseny Barcelona
⟶ ESDi and EATM


Printshop Figuerola

As one of the oldest shops in Sabadell, Figuerola focuses on the supply of office, school and stationery supplies, and has a printing press suitable for desktop publishing, graphic design, adhesive lettering, signage and more.



Servei Estació Barcelona

Servei Estació has more than 55,000 products including materials, tools, services and accessories for creatives and professionals, especially when it comes to DIY and crafts.



Club Natació Sabadell

The Sabadell Swimming Club, located in front of ESDI, is a sports club with sections for swimming, athletics, basketball, futsal, gymnastics and more, and which also has health, beauty and thermal activities services for children and adults.

At the time of formalizing the membership registration, they will be a permanent member. Free registration. You get a 20% discount on the membership fee, and a 10% discount on the subscription to the thermal area, paddle tennis and parking.



Yoga School
La Porta Verda

La Porta Verda yoga school offers a wide variety of yoga styles, from dynamic to restorative, with morning and evening classes at all levels.



Espai Creatiu Sabadell

Espai Creactiu Sabadell is an environment for manufacturing, exchanging experiences and developing projects, with 3D printing services, laser cutting and 3D design. 10% discount on services and 5% on materials.



Parc Audiovidual de Catalunya

The Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya is a production center dedicated to audiovisual creation. It consists of 4 sets, spaces for the production of filming, advertising and television filming and a business cluster. Free use * of facilities and spaces of the PAC to be able to carry out internships or academic projects related to the audiovisual field. * Consult conditions of use.



Museum of Design in Barcelona

The Design Museum of Barcelona integrates collections from different museums of decorative arts, textile design, graphic arts and ceramics in a space that counts with permanent and itinerant exhibitions, and that also nucleus important industry events.




Both at the ESDi School of Design and at the EATM School of Fashion Arts and Techniques, we will give you the opportunity to continue specializing and focus on continuing education through our wide educational offer. 25% discount on summer courses, workshops, masters and postgraduate courses in ESDi and EATM.

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Advantages of Alumni

We want to continue to support the professional and academic development of our students even after they graduate. Therefore, we develop a series of services and benefits so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of being part of our community, regardless of whether you belong to a degree, postgraduate, master's degree or have participated in Erasmus programs.

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