ADI FAD Awards with a strong ESDi presence

mireia mesalles - minial

ADI FAD Awards with a strong ESDi presence

After his victory in the 2016 ADI Medals, young designer Roc Miranda is once again recognized by the ADI FAD Awards, this time as a finalist in the Delta Awards contest for innovative product designs.


Miranda, winner of the Gold ADI Medal with his Final Project of Degree Plow 2.7, now participates with two collections of utensils made for Comas & Partners: the first, K9 – Magnolia, consists of a fork and a knife for carving meat , while the second, Q15 – Baobab, is composed of a set of cutlery.

In this edition of the ADI Awards, to be held on June 14, Miranda will also participate as a member of the jury of the ADI Medal, aimed at young graduates, and will be responsible for designing the award that will be given to the winners of the ADI Medal.


This category of graduates in design has alumni Mireia Mesalles as one of its finalists, who will participate thanks to her project Minial, an innovative hygiene instrument for the sterilization of menstrual cups. The project, portable and personal, has a marked social character: to satisfy a hygienic need of the women who use the cup and to guarantee its proper cleaning to avoid infections.