Acrylic resin workshop with Interfareba


Acrylic resin workshop with Interfareba

On Wednesday, November 6, Interfareba gave a workshop at ESDi to learn how to work the acrylic resin A1, as well as the different ways of using its additives, pigments and fillers.

Interfareba is a company with more than 20 years of experience as a distributor of various materials for applications of interest in various areas such as architecture, art, sculpture or design. One of their flagship product is Acrylic one “A1”. A resin that stands out for being ecological, non-toxic, eco-friendly, easy to use and very fast.

The students attending the workshop had the opportunity to know this material and all its possibilities. From preparing the mixture to a simple casting in a silicone spring.

Many thanks to Interfareba and all the participants!