Our facilities

ESDi has over 14.000m2 of facilities distributed along its Sabadell campus and its extension classrooms in Barcelona (Passeig de Gràcia). The educational areas include computing classrooms (with Mac and PC platforms), industrial workshops, manufacturing workshops, video set, professional editing rooms for audio and video and soundproofing rooms for sound treatment, among others. In addition to this, the school has recently incorporated 3 self-labs and 1 self-lab equipped with cutting edge technology in the fields of additive manufacturing and 3D printing, immersive and holographic virtual reality, and digitalization of textile design and manufacturing.


Workshops and classrooms

ESDi has classrooms that are 100% equipped for theoretical subjects. It also has specialized workshops that were built to give the students the opportunity to develop the practical perspective the design training, using the best tools in properly outfitted spaces.

Product and Interior Workshops

  • Mockup and prototype Workshop I

  • Mockup and prototype Workshop I

Fashion Workshops

  • Knitting Workshop

  • Fretwork Workshop

  • Stamping workshop

  • Tailoring workshop and textile project classroom

  • Textile Sampling Room

Graphic and Audiovisual Workshops

  • Video set with control room and a professional and mobile illumination system

  • Audio classroom

  • Video classroom

  • Sound recording lab

  • Photographic set

  • Media library

Computer classrooms (MAC and PC)

    Self Labs

    In addition to workshops, labs, studios, open spaces and computer classrooms, the Higher School of Design ESDi has 3 self-labs and 1 help-lab equipped with the most avant-garde technology in additive manufacturing, 3D printing, immersive and holographic virtual reality, and digitalization of textile design and confection processes.

    Self and 3D Printing Lab

    With the 3D Printer and laser academic lab students will be able to create 3D objects in high performance work stations: Dremel 3D Idea Builder printer with 1,75 mm filaments and a printing volume of 255x155x170 mmm.

    Virtual Lab. Partner with HP

    In addition to the already existing computer classrooms, that are equipped for the digital treatment of images, the Virtual Lab allows students to experiment with the latest technologies applied to virtual design and augmented reality, besides being a pilot center for I+D in Design. It has work stations outfitted with:

    • HP WORKSTATION Z840 + VR HTC Glasses


    • HP WORKSTATION Z440 + Monitor

    • Immersive Computing: HP SPROUT PRO

    Textile making self lab

    The pattern design and manufacturing workshops incorporate a new Lab that allows, through a digital system for pattern development, the elaboration of collections. Everything can be achieved through digital technology, including digital data capture (cameras), digital treatment of patterns and the printing of patterns (plotters) articulated through the software GEMINICAD:

    • GeminiNestExpert v.X9

    • GeminiFotodigitalizer v.X9

    • GeminiPatternEditor v.X9

    • GeminiCutPlan v.X9


    Our building holds a library specialized in design and art studies, with over 8.000 books, 130 magazine titles and 140 DVDs. The space is open to students, alumni, faculty, administrative personnel of the center, and people who are not linked to the institution but have solicited authorization.


    The library service will be available from Monday to Friday, without interruptions, from 8.30 to 20.00 hours.


    • 8.000 books

    • 130 magazine titles

    • 140 DVDs

    • Company directories

    • Trend notebooks

    • Degree Final Projects

    • Hermanos Molins textile collection

    • Old magazines warehouse


    From 1998 onward, ESDi has a bar-restaurant service with capacity for 60 people. It offers breakfast and lunch service, with a daily menu determined by an in-house made balanced diet.


    From Monday to Friday, from 8.00 to 19.00 hours.


    ESDi Sabadell Campus (ground floor)
    Telephone: 93. 727 44 14