Other centers

In addition to ESDi and the design studies it offers, the Foundation of Textile Design (Fundit) has other academic centers in order to respond to current market demands. For that, we rely on:

EATM (Fashion Arts and Techniques School)

In 2000, the EATM fashion school merged with ESDi in order to reinforce synergies in the field of textile design and fashion. Both institutions coincide on the fact that one of the cornerstones of competitiveness and differentiation between enterprises is the wager on design and training in the area.


In the same vein, joint action enables a positive energy in every sense, for the industry and for society. The center became a benchmark in master and postgraduate studies in the field, training well-known professionals like Ze García, Miriam Ponsa, Rosa Esteva (Cortana) and Josep Abril, among others.


Located in Passeig de Gràcia, one of the fashion and trends centers of Barcelona, EATM offers quality professional training in higher degree, adjusted to global, plural and open markets. The institution is focused in continued and advanced training of specific professional profiles within the fashion, the communication and the design industries, according to the current entrepreneurial demand.


The School for Advanced Professional Training EFPA is a center oriented towards offering Higher Degree quality professional studies, which are able to provide companies with the technicians they require in order to seize market opportunities and increment their presence in the industry. EFPA is the professional training school of the Catalonian Vallès, and it offers Higher Degree formative cycles in Fashion, International Commerce and Sales Management.