Fashion Industry Management and Design

Syllabus of the master in Fashion Industry Management and Design

Fields of study of the Master in Fashion industry management and design are organized in 6 modules:

  • Module in contextualisation of environment (5 credits): World in the third millennium. Fashion sociology,  Internationalisation of fashion trends and Fashion Industry structure.


  • Module in Image consultancy (5 credits): Personal and corporate image, iconological techniques. Creation process of fashion collections. Trends analysis and decision, and creative management.


  • Module in Communication in the global society (10 credits): theory in Communication in the global society.  Persuasive communication of corporations. Fashion communication: advertising, media strategy, Fashion marketing, consumer analysis, digital marketing. Skills and process. Press pecket: contents and recipients. Fashion showroom.


  • Module in Management, control and logistics (14 credits): Growth and entrepreneurial personality. Introduction to accounting. Costs cornerstones. Financial record analysis. Budgetary control. Business plan. Corporate financing. Control and management. Logistics. Legal aspects. Fiscal aspects. Social responsibility.


  • Module in Point of sale management (9 credits): Merchandising. Situation and location, the point of sale. Space arrangement. Measuring and flows. Control systems and point of sale management. Logistics and product obsolescence.


  • Project module (15 credits): Students will carry out at the end of the master’s degree a project in which they must enforce all the studied subjects in the different modules. This project should make a substantive contribution in the field of conceptual fashion industry and design. It is directed by teachers and professionals of fashion industry.


The master also features seminars (2 credits)