February 10 2017
Students projects for Fireplace

Under the collaboration agreement between the University-Business ESDI and collective Fireplace, on Tuesday January 31 presented the projects of the students of the 3rd year of the itinerary of Interior Design Degree who had intended to "design and multifunctional spaces of their collective Fireplace", located in Poble Nou in Barcelona.

Fireplace Project is a cultural association linked to the promotion of visual arts and contemporary cultural production in Barcelona. Fireplace The association emphasizes the importance of cultural production, particularly the artistic propulsive as the exchange of ideas and critical thinking, and the need to create links between professionals fruitful projects local cultural, national and international.

The educational project focused on rethinking the shared spaces of the group based on the activities that take place in them and depending on future activities you want to start. These areas represent a co-working space, a space for exhibitions and presentations, future space for resident artists and spaces of kitchen and bathroom.