Julieta Guillén

El tintero bohemio

Design Management

Project by Julieta Guillén

El Tintero Bohemio revolves around a creative group from the neighborhood of San Telmo, Buenos Aires. Despite their desire to unite, this multidisciplinary group is only praised as such. It does not have its own name, concrete graphic image, or legal structure that allows them to act as a single organism.

Through collaboration with creatives, this project proposes the management of group settlement as an association and the design of a brand with which it can identify and be identified. Once the group is established under a name and a solid organizational and legal structure, an action space is designed, and a network of workshops and exhibitions that revolve around this space in order to promote the culture in the neighborhood and make the group and its work known. In addition, a communication plan is designed to allow the collective to appear before the authorities and before the citizens of San Telmo.

El Tintero Bohemio is a project in process; in December 2017, a grant project is presented to the local council as long as the group, its space and activities can continue to develop and grow in the future.