About ESDi


We have been a cutting edge center in Design studies for almost 30 years. Affiliated to the Ramon Llull University, ESDi Higher School of Design is located in a historical building in the center of Sabadell.

As a leading school in formal education in Design, ESDi has been selected during the past two years as the first Catalan center for studying design according to the prestigious BBVA ranking. We are the only center within the Spanish State to give academic training in six curricular disciplines of the Official Degree in Design: Fashion, Audiovisual, Product, Interior, Graphic and Design Management (Multidisciplinary Integration), and we are also pioneers in Smart Design education. Through our courses, our students have the opportunity to obtain a double degree: Official Degree in Design + Bachelor in Smart Design.

Why are we a leading center in academic training?

Our best case is the success of our alumni, the professionalism and drive of our faculty, and our constant bond with to the business and industrial sectors, one of our main propositions. We are defined by an academic and multidisciplinary environment, with constant activity inside and outside the classrooms. We have maintained, from our very beginning, a commitment to those who dare to redesign the world and build its future.



Do you need reasons to make up your mind and place your trust in ESDi? Will give you 9 good ones:


In order to meet the needs of society and industry, the Foundation of Textile Design (FUNDIT) was created in 1989 as a means to contribute to the Catalan industrial fabric, providing the companies with the best talent in design. FUNDIT is constituted of administration organizations, entrepreneurial associations and distinguished companies from the sector (Ministry of Industry, Generalitat de Catalunya, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sabadell, among others).


In this context, ESDi Higher School of Education was founded by FUNDIT that same year, being built in the former Docks of Sabadell, a historical building in the center of Sabadell.


In 1992, ESDi became one of the first educational centers in the Spanish State to teach university studies in design, granting the university-specific degree of “Undergraduate in Design”, by the Ramon Llul University. In 2000, the center signed its academic merger with the School of Fashion Arts and Techniques (EATM) in Barcelona, thus strengthening its fashion training. From the course 2008-2009 onward, ESDi teaches the Official Undergraduate Degree in Design as an affiliated center of the Ramon Llull University, following the guidelines of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). This substantial shift allows our students to access master and postgraduate programs, and to branch out to the national and international labor market.

Even though ESDi’s origins should be traced to the fashion industry, the center has progressively incorporated training in 5 other curricular disciplines: Graphic, Product, Interiors, Audiovisual and Design Management (Multidisciplinary Integration). ESDi also teaches Official University Masters, which are not only professionalizing, but also grant access to the labor market and doctorate studies.


During the 2015-2016 course, ESDi incorporated the Bachelor in Smart Design to its educational offer, being a pioneering institution in academic training in the field, which has a notable importance in current trends and a great deal of occupational opportunities for the present and the future. That same year, ESDi developed an important strategic initiative with the creation of EFPA, the School for Advanced Professional Training.

Current members of the FUNDIT board

  • Bombardó, Josep – FUNDIT Board President

  • H.C. Chacon, Àngels – FUNDIT Board Vice-President

  • Pérez, Juan José – FUNDIT Board Secretary

  • Garrell, Antoni – FUNDIT Foundation General Director

  • Català, Joaquim – Board member

  • Pallarès, Josep – Board member

  • Genero, Josep – Board member

  • Codina, Santiago – Board member

  • Gibert, Pol – Board member

  • Alberich, Ramon- Board member

  • Moix, Rosvi – Board member


Our facilities

The educational center ESDi has over 14.000m2 of facilities and pioneering technological self-labs.


Other FUNDIT Centers

ESDi, a center affilliated to the Ramon Llull University, has a network of different academic centers.


Academic quality

ESDi has the AQU accreditation needed to teach the Official University Degree in Design.


Benefits for students

ESDi school of design studies gives a series of benefits to its students and community.



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